A bodysuit dress

I sneaked in a small project between my t-shirt project I’m working on.

I’ve made a bodysuit dress for my granddaughter in size 68, it seems so be very big for her, I think she will have to wait until she is 6, 7 months before she can wear it. I had a little problem with the neckline my binder didn’t fold the knit bias properly which is annoying which you can see in the second picture, however I have decided to not remake it one more time as I’ve done it once already. I think it had to do with the width of the bias as it wasn’t 42 mm wide.

The fabric , which is a single jersey and bias tape I have used is bought at Zannaz, a lovely fabric to work with.

A few notices with this pattern is that it’s fairly wide, at least for my grandchild that is on the tiny side. It took me some time to figure out how to make the snap construction and understand the instructions, which I find a little bit unclear. After an email and a nightsleep it suddenly just clicked how to make it. I’ve used the Bodysuit dress from Brindille and Twig a lovely dress I’ll make again, I have an idea about the skirt I would like to try. Will come to that next time.

I hemed the sleeves and the bottom leg opening with the bias tape but hemed the skirt and foot hem with decoration stiches, suppose to look like tulips, or that I used embrodery thread.

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