About me, Barbro

I have decided to collect my sewing at this space, Syugglan, The Sew Owl

I started sewing at a very young age, mostly clothes for my dolls, which at the time gave me lot of pleasure. Later on I hade handicraft in school I think I was around 8 or 9 years until I ended upper secondary school at an age of 18 years.

I kept on sewing, knitting for another 10 years or so, then life with children came and had less time for sewing. However I sew all my curtins as that was a fairly short and fast project.

I came back to sewing 7, 8 years ago again, mainly because I got more time for my interest and started to work as a handicraft teacher. The pupils often asked me if I made my own clothes and that acctually encouraged me to emphasise my sewing.

The biggest challange with my sewing today to myself is all the adjustments I have to do, due to the change of the body as I grow older. I don’t mind at all to grow old, as a matter of fact I like it.

Today my sewing gives me time for reflection, to clear my thoughts and a great pleasure of beeing creative.

Welcome to my sewing corner,