Eastern present

I had to remake the previous dress in a size smaller as this little girl isn’t that tall yet. The fabric I have bought back in November 2020, was done the day before we got to know it was a girl and I was pretty sure it was a girl and it turned out to be very right. However, as my daughter have been with me and sewing I had to hide this fabric and I put it a way in a very secret place. It was so secret that I completely forgot where I had put it. I have been searchig for it for at least 3 months whith no success until last weekend. I had hidden it under a pillow in a bed that I have in my sewing room, a very good place obviously…

It’s the bodysuit dress from Brindille and Twigs and the fabric is bought from Zannaz, the size this time is a 62. I also made a bib and a matching baby hat.

Here she is little Hilda 10 weeks with her great grandmother 90 years old.

This turned out to be a very short post.

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