During Me Made May

I tried to participate in this challenge during May, but I had no success with that. I only had two posts and these are:

The first outfit for the second day of May. The top is just finished the other day it’s @grainlinestudio #scouttee it’s actually my second from this pattern and I like it very much. Its made in a viscose bought in Luleå the pasted New Year at @ohlssonstyger. I made the trousers a couple of years ago and it’s the #sashatrousers from @closetcorepatterns and the fabric is bought from @emmaonesock a couple of years ago it’s cotton with little elastane. I believe it’s too little as they don’t stretch good enough. Next pair I will raise the crotch seam as I want the waistline to be higher. And a next pair is on my todo list.

Just before my birthday I finished my Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studios. I had paired it with my newly made Fiore skirt from Closet Core Patterns and their Cielo top. The fabrics was bought at Metermeter, the skirt is a linen fabric and the top is a viscose fabric.

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