Dress to the day of Lucia and a maternity dress

I was asked to make a dress to the day of Lucia for my granddaughter and of cause I couldn’t resist the question.

As I didn’t have any sutible white fabric for the dress I had to order that first, it came very quickly and I went through my patterns and decibel to go for the Ikatee,pattern Helsinkis, I just lengthened it and put an white embroidery band around the neckline and the sleeves.

I made the button hole with thread, I wish I had a slightly smaller button but I had to go with what I had in my stash.

I’ve also made a maternity dress for my daughter-in-law. I used the Burda pattern number 6957. This is a wrap dress and it uses push buttons to hold the wrap in place instead of the ties that you wrap around the body. The fabric I used is a cotton rib jersey bought at Zannas.

What I like about this maternity dress are the sewn folds at the waistline on both the front bodice and skirt. I didn’t like the lining around the neckline as it turned around the wrong way, to solve this I sew a topstitching to keep it in place. I’ll also make topstitching to the front wraps as they also seems to turn around the wrong way. The dress have 3/4 sleeves.

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to take photos off both the maternity dresses.

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