Another bra

This time I’ve made the Willowdale bra from Cashmerette, with fabrics and notions needed from Bwear, a very generous kit made specially for this pattern. I chose to make view A and it’s a great pattern fairly easy to assemble but make sure you don’t sew the channeling to the underarm elastic. Which is said in the next point in the tutorial when sewing the elastic to the underarm.

I’ve made a few changes, I removed 5-6 mm from under the lower cup and the inner cup I also decreased the back band and front band with 7 mm. I forgot to make the change to the front band where the cups are sewn together. Which causes some draglines under the cup. Something I’ll change for the next one.

You can see foldlines at the front seam, but that’s not seen when I wear it, it’s because “Lady in red” doesn’t fill up properly.

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