Kayla shirt

In the end of 2021 I decided I needed a fitting course, as I had notice that I didn’t really get the fit I was looking for. Through different internet search I found In House Patterns course “Fitting essential” and decided to give it a try.

So in January 2022 I started the course and the fitting journey began, and it has been a long journey. After a month we suddenly decided to go on a ski holiday and then I was behind and didn’t really catch up in time when the course ended in March. However, when you have joined the course you have life time access to all instructions and all live sessions.

I have been very keen on having a fairly good fitting shirt no matter how long it will take. I spent a long time to get my neckline and shoulder seams right as all depends on this. The rest is more of fine tuning. I still haven’t got the perfect fit, but it’s really a good fitting shirt and sometimes you have to decide that it’s good enough and not being to hard on your self.

I still have some small tweaks to do, like I have some soft fold lines at my back from the high hip to my back darts and I think I need a little more width in my sleeves.

These things aren’t visible in my final example but fully visible in my toile.

I’ve learnt a lot about have to thing when it comes to fitting and I highly recommend this course if you have thoughts on a fitting class. Alexandra Morgan have a genuine and we’ll thought trough course.

You just have to trust the process even when you don’t get the things around your head.

Here are some of the photos from my fitting process. I have chosen my first and last fitting samples and of cause the final result.

These photos are from my first sample. I decided to add the sleeves after have got the bodice to fit first.

I’ve fold lines from my shoulder to the arme hole, indicating I need a forward shoulder adjustment and the shoulder slope need to slope more.

Here you can see fold lines from my bust towards the side seam.

I need more width around my waist line and high hip line. The horizontal lines are also going up in the front, indicating I need more length in the front.

Here I need to adjust the length between my bust line and waist line as it’s to long, that’s why the fabric is pulled up around the waist.

Here you can see the same as in the second photo.

This is my last toile. Now I’ve added short sleeves and the collar. My folders at the shoulder has gone after increased slope and forward shoulder adjustment. I’ve also lowered the bust line, between the bust line and the across front line. This also lowered the waistline.

Here it’s noticed that I still have to lower my waistline, which I’ll do on my next shirt.

At the back I’ve soft fold lines from my hip to my back darts. I’ll try to add more width to the back to see if that will solve the problem.

Here are the same fold lines visible.

My final shirt front bodice. As the fabric is so busy, it’s hard to see what’s seen in the toil, but all the issues are present.

Left side view

Back view

And finally right side view.

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