Autumn collection

I’ve made a few clothes for my granddaughter that can be used the upcoming autumn.

In the end of August I went to Syfestivalen and did some shopping. The brown, the flowering, the white with small flowers and the one with white dots are some of the fabrics I bought with my granddaughter in mind. Of these fabrics it has become one dress, two bodies, two sweaters, a cardigan that can be turned inside out and three leggings. Two of those leggings match the cardigans flower side. The pink legging can match the dress and one of the bodies.

The patterns I have used are Vega cardigan from Ikatee, Lo leggings, Tyra and Todd loose fit pants, Smilla dress and Frankie sweatshirt, all from Threads by Caroline. The bodies are Malmö bodysuit from Ikatee. The fabrics I have use have been bought from Anna Hedeklint, that is the dotted fabric and the flowering one on a begie botton. The rabbit fabric and the fabrics for the leggings I think I bought from Tygdrömmar, the fabric to the dress and one body is bought from Juels, finally the rainbow fabric for the sweatshirt and pants are bought from Elvelyckan.

On one of the Lo leggings I added a knee patch to whitch I made some sewing patterns from the sewing machine of mine and to the purple/red leggings I added an application with a motive from the rabbit sweatshirt.

I have made a few cardigans from Ikatee and I find this pattern very easy to make and it’s very versatile I also like the leggings pattern with a few different opptions to make. The Smilla dress is a very flattering pattern for my petite granddaughter. About the sweatshirt they are very straight forward pattern with easy to follow instructions. I fine the details on the Tyra and Todd pants fun to make and it makes a really beautifull effect to the pants.

Finally I made a coverall in a wool fleece on request from my daughter, I used the Brindille and Twigs pattern Hood zip coverall. I did it without the hood and added a neckband from the Elsa and Elliot coat pattern a pattern made by Threads by Caroline. The fabric is bought from Juels. The photo isn’t the best as it looks more like custodial clothing. The strips looks like white and black when they acctually are dark blue and grey and it looks much better in reality. To this I added a hat from the left overs.

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