Anker summer tee

Late in autumn 2021 I started to knit the very popular Anker summer tee, it has taken me a while to finish it as I constantly made misstakes and had to redo it a few times I also had a little difficult to understand when to make the increases. However I finally got around it and when I started my sick leave due to a foot surgery I got the time and inspiration to finish the sweater which I’m very happy about and it also got finished just in time for the summer. I have used it a lot and like it very much. the yarn I have used is the recommended yarn Line from Sandnes Garn, I bought it from Yll och Tyll, which have an excellent service with fast delivery.

I love the pattern so much that I have started one for my grandaughter and now I have just one sleeve left to make. This sweater is made in a wool yarn, called Sunday, PetiteKnit, Sandnes Garn and bought from Yll and Tyll, and made to be used during autumn and winter time.

I have also decidede to make another one for myself with long sleeves in the same kind of yarn as I use for my granddaugher.


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