A new jacket

I’ve made a jacket for my granddaughter in a, to me new fabric, softshell and lined it with a mesh fabric. It has turned out really well, some part have been more tricky then other.

For instance I decided to add a hidden zipper after inspiration from Janine Oosterhuis, which I found on Threads by Caroline’s blogg, as a pattern hack. I bought the Elsa & Elliot pattern from that company. Even though the instructions are pretty clear I had some issues to figure out how it was supposed to work out. So I bast stitched to get the hang of it. I did everything right, I thought, but it turned out that I had made the zipper with the closer from the inside, so I had to redo that. In the end it has turned out really well.

It also took me some time to figure out where the neck ribbing where supposed to start and end. Finally that also came around my head.

I made a few changes, I added sleeve cuffs and changed how to sew the lining, I opened up the seam in one of the sleeves, and then sew the lining to the sleeve hem and the bottom hem, turned the jacket inside out through the sleeve lining. I find it giving a better finish. After that I sew the topstitching to the hem and the sleeve hems. I also added a small chine guard at the top of the zipper. Finished the jacket with push buttons and reflex to the bottom hem.

The shell fabric is bought at Tygdrömmar and the lining is from Jofotex. Both fabrics have been great to work with.

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