Birthday present to my granddaughter

The past days I’ve been working on birthday presents for my  granddaughter’s first birthday.

It has become a 25% downsized pouf with pattern from closetcorepatterns.comto fit a toddler that is just about to walk. I made my own bias tape and piping added a fabric covered button, also made by me. I changed how the zip is sewn to the pouf, instead of having it across the diameter I put it at the circular edge which make the opening bigger, the zip is 70cm long. Inside the pouf I have an inner pouf which holds fabric scraps. In this way it become very easy to take off the pouf cover and put it in the washing machine.

I have used old curtains that I made many years ago. It’s the same fabric I used when I made her a sleeping cat for her cot a few months before Christmas.

Parallel to this pouf I’ve been knitting a west which is almost finished just the hem left to make. It’s knitted in a #highlandwool yarn from and the pattern is called #ria from @stitchedinsweden. I think the yarn I’ve used is much thinner then recommended, but I think it has worked out fine anyway, it might have effected the width but for this little lady I think is will not do any harm as she is a very petit baby.

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