Copy of myself

I’ve made a cover to my dressform that has been standing in my sewing room for at least 5 years. Now finally made to my size as she didn’t have my figure nor my measurements.

I got inspired by @sewnotmature a year ago, when I followed her when she made her cover for the dress form. This has since then been in the back of my head, I’ve to do something about my dress form. Then a few weeks ago @sewover50 had a topic on dress forms.

Almost at the same time I made toile for a pinafore dress and I have a few adjustments I have to make, this made me finally to decide to buy the pattern from bootstrap fashion and make my double me. I put my pinafore on hold an have worked on my double me.

Some years ago I bought a red Ponte Roma fabric from Minerva, so from now on my dress form a name, “Lady in red”.

She still needs a few adjustments at the shoulders, I’ve to add shoulder pads to make my forward shoulders and right now I don’t have them. I’ll also add arms to the dress form, but right now I don’t have the time. It’ll be project for next year.

I’m very pleased with the result and can highly recommend to buy the pattern and make you own double you.

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