Lemon and blue berry t-skirt

During the spring I’ve made a few new t-shirts from different patterns, but with the same kind of fabric, different colours though. Unfortunately I’ve still not made a complete summary off them all, it will come as soon as I’ve taken the photos, hopefully soon.

However, I’ve also made one in a cotton jersey. The pattern is the Larke tee from Grainline Studio, the fabric is bought from Anna Hedeklint, a really lovely jersey fabric. It’s very summery. I’ve paired this tee with a pair of Pietra pants from Closet Core patterns. I made these pants last year in a black line fabric, this time I’ve used a Tencel fabric, Smooth Drape Twill, bought at Metermeter. This fabric is very soft to wear and worked fine for this pattern. It might have stretched out a little as it feels like the trousers has become slightly bigger, something I will have to look up. I really like these trousers, I’m thinking of makeing another pair in a tencel cotton blend or another pair in linen next time.

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