Bee wax cover

I’ve seen at different places on Facebook and Instagram about these cover of food with bee wax clothes. So I decided to buy two just to test what it was, after I had received them I started to look up how to make them myself as I realised that I’ve plenty of scraps that can be used for this. Both for myself and give away as gifts.

After some Googling I found out that it was very easy to make, ordered bee wax, ecologically of cause otherwise there is no point I think.

Today it arrived, so as soon as I came home from work I looked through my scrap stash and found an old sheet from my mother-in-law and cut out two pieces, one rectangular and one circular.

I had no baking paper, so I took what I had in hand, oven foil, and it worked out very well. I might need to add some more wax, will look at it at another time.

I think they are great and they are more then easy to make, now I’m hooked.

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