Handmade liquid soap

As soon as I saw the recipe of how to make liquid soap I knew I had to make it. All the supplies came two days ago and I started right away, weighed all the ingredients and mixed them together. I covered the soap pasta with aluminium foil and a hand towel, left it over night. The morning after I took my dough hooks and chopped through the soap pasta, poured boiling water over it, stirred around shortly. Then I left for work, came home and all the soap pasta had dissolved. All the supplies and raw materials are bought at Organic Makers in Sweden, they have an excellent service and absoultly great products with great quality.

Now came the difficult part and that is to add fragrance. As this liquid soap is made of sunflower oil it has a special smell of nuts and in my opinion it is difficult to hide. So this first time with my chosen essential oils might not have been the best as I can slightly notice the smell from the sunflower oil.

The essential oils I have chosen is Orange, Atlasceder, Geranium and Lavender for half of the soap batch. The other half has Ylang Ylang, Bergamott and Palmarosa.

Next time I’ll try scent of Patchouli, May Chang, Lemone grass and Lemone.

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