Mamelucker or is it called pantalettes/pantaloons

I got inspired by some knitters on Instagram a few months ago to make these Mamelucker from a Swedish pattern maker called Maja. I started to look around and see how others mamelucker looked like and from that I decided to make my own from yarn left after my hat knitting back in November.

So around mid April I started this project it was fairly easy in the beginning but had to search around to find out how to make the increase and how to make this shortened turns. I had to put it away for some days and then come back, did that a couple of times before I’d figured it out. It’s not the most elegant knitting with shortened turns, but it belong to the learning curve.

If I’ll make them again I’ll shorten the rib knitting from 20 cm to 12-15 cm, I would also spread out the shortened turns if I’ll use different colours in the same way again to make the Rowe’s more even.

Now when we are in the beginning of the summer they are finished and ready for the coming winter in 6 months.

This is what it looked like when I’d been knitting a short time.
Here I’ve made the increasing.
The front of the mamelucker.
The back of the mamelucker

From the side, where it’s very noticeable the shortened turns.

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