The Clare coat

Finally the coat is finished and I can start to use it. It has been a challenge for me with all the fitting issues I have had, in the end it has been worth it.

I decided to take the time to make bound buttonholes, it acctually give the coat a more professional look, which I like. I have got some appriciations off it when I have had the coat on, which at the time hasn’t been to often jet.

As I live in the north off Europe, Sweden, I decided to add some extra warm batting, I wish I could have had insulate but I couldn’t find where to buy it here in Sweden.
It took some time to figure out how to get the lining in place. First I sew the lining around the perimeter and then the hem, after have given the hem a really good press. What I did was to open up a whole in one of the sleeve seams and then I turned the whole coat inside out to see how it looked like and stitched the hem and interfacing together with the sewing machine and it’s turned out really well. Then I had just a small opening to hand stitch.

The size I used is from my high bust which gave me size 12 at the neckline and the side seams. As the sleeves was a little tight in my muslin I used the size 14 for them.

I did the following adjustments:

  • Forward shoulders: 2 cm/3/4in
  • Round neck: High; 1,2 cm/1/2in, Low;
  • Swayback: 2 cm/3/4in
  • Full bust: 3,5cm/1 3/8in
  • Moving the bust darts up: 5cm/2in

If I’ll make it again I’ll lengthen it with about 10 cm/4in as I find it a little to short now. I’m thinking of making it as a spring coat too.

Finally, here is a few photos of my coat.

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