Work in progress, continue…

I was very satisfied when I finally got the main pices put together to my coat, but that changed quite quickly when I put it on and realized that the bust darts are far to high up and to pointy. I definatly need to lower the bust darts.

When I struggle with my fitting issues I realise how hard it is to do these fittings by myself, or at least I find it hard, I don’t know if anyone else dose have this feeling too.

I left it for a day and then I unpicked the side seam and the darts, moved them down about 3 cm. I have now pinned everything back together again. Next step is to bast stich the darts and side seam, make another try on, before I sew it all back together one more time.

In the mean time with this coat I have made a small coat for my Luna Lapin from scraps of my own coat. I have cut out some boats and I think she needs a hat going with the coat and a necktie.

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