Work in progress – WIP

This is a really long time going work I have with this coat. Back in October past year I bought this coat kit from Gutheri and Ghani. The pattern, Clare Coat from Closet Core Patterns, which was included in the kit apart from all supplies and fabric. Since then I have made several muslins to get the fit right, but that has been a really challenging journey. When I look at the instruction on how to do these adjustment I find it pretty clear but then to make it physcal it turns out to be far more difficult. It is difficult to make adjustments by yourself I think.

I have a few adjustments I need to do always and that is FBA, round neck and forward shoulder adjustments.

My biggest problem is to make the forward shoulder adjustment and I’m still not sure I’ve got it right and then I wonder if I might have over fitted my coat, as when I look at photos I notice that the back looked pretty good from the very begining…

However, now is all pices cut out, the back is sew together, the lining and interfacing is finished. At the moment I’m working on the bust dart as it has turned out to hit under my bust of some resone I don’t know.

Story will continue…

This is the lining sewn toghether with the interfacing and an added piping

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