A new obssession

One of the accounts on Instagram that I’m following have showed for a while a cute rabbit called “Luna Lapin”. I have never heard of this rabbit before and found it to be really fun and nice how this person dressed her rabbit in the same kind of clothes that she have made for herself.

I have now fallen in to this rabbit whole of obsetion. Just around Christmas I ordered my kit for this Luna Lapin and it came a couple of weeks ago and since a week ago she is finsished and with a dress. During the past week I’ve knitted a cardigan for her in a teal color. What I find so fun with this is the joy of do some small and slow handsewing and the endless posibilities to make different things for her. An other thing is the she has friends that you can make also. 🙂

I’ve also bought the book to get access to the patterns for some of the clothes that can be made and from that I can modifie to other kind of clothes.

I bought the kit with stuffing from Cool Crafting in UK, and they delivered really fast to Sweden where I live.

Here are some picturs of the sewing process.

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