Crochet top

When I saw this top I knew immediately that I had to make it, I just loved all the colours and the bold pattern. This kind of model is not what I normally have as I more like classic models. However something spook to me when I saw it, it just made me happy and gave me a warm feeling.

The patterns is inspired by the painter Frida Kahlo and it’s drafted by Katie Jones and you can see more things she has made here.

I bought the yarn, Paintbox, from Love Crafts and it’s a free download pattern. Which you can find here.

The patterns was easy to follow apart from making the hearts, those where a bit troublesome. I added a few rows after have crochet the sides to lengthen it as I felt it too short for my taste, just a personal preferens.

The photos are a little dark as this time of the year we don’t have that much daylight in the north of Europe.

Cielo in Ikat fabric

This is my third cielo top, this time made in an Irate fabric bought at the Fibers to fabric shop I stumbled over in the spring 2019. Yellow is one of my favourite colours so an easy choice. In a previous post I have written about these fabrics, you can look there if you are interested.

I made this top at a ”Sy-Lan” I attended this autumn and I’m so pleased how it turned out, I didn’t change anything from my previous adjustments made. The fabric is absolutely fabulous, very soft, breezy, light in weight it will be great for the next summer.

I’m pretty sure I’ll buy more Ikat fabrics as they are so nice to work with and the quality is just great.

Two stools

I also love to work with wood, since December 2018, I have been working with my first and second stools. The first one was finished in April 2019 and my second I finished in early June. If you are interested continue to read here.


During the autumn have I made some bags, one just to figure out how the pattern where supposed to be. It’s a nice bag but the instructions where a little bit difficult to follow. I made it in a bold canvas fabric from IKEA in bright colours with butterflies on. The bag turned out very well and I will make another one in cork when I have decided what colours I want for that bag. The bag is the

The second bag is what I call a ”magväska”, stomach bag, a more common name is fanny pack. For this bag I choose the Fennel Fanny Pack from Sarah Kirsten. This was a pretty straight forward make and fun too. I used another IKEA fabric I had in my stash and reused old used zippers with two different colours, but I think they work very well with the colours of the fabric.

The last bag is a backpack, my son have had a backpack with the right size which he has liked very much and when you have something you like very much it get used a lot. So the zippers got broken and he was sad about that, I said it was impossible to repair but if he would unrip the backpack we could us the pieces as a pattern and make a new one. He unripped his bag and I had a Beaver nylon fabric in my stash that would work fine for the bag.

Pattern pieces, fabric, cut out and get sewing. I have reused the lining, all the inside pockets, the shoulder straps and two zippers. Made two new zippers and the bag fabric.

Now is the backpack finished and son is happy. 🙂

Strathcona Sweater

I fell in love with this sweater after have seen it on Closet Case Patterns blog where Heather have made one in this lovely yarn. I just knew I had to make one for myself as it looked so nice and cosy.

I started to knit in early October, it was a little difficult to understand the patterna as it’s the very first time I knit something from a pattern in english. However after some thinking I figured out how to do it and then it was basically to knit on, it went on quite fast as the yarn is thick and the sticks are of size 15, 13 and 10 I think it was. I had finished it two weeks later.

If I would make it again I would lover the neck with a few rows otherwise nothing.

More from Rome Collection

I just love this collection I have so many ideas of what I want to do. I actually did the Cielo dress before the top. I used the same size as for the top and modified the pattern according to those adjustments made earlier.

The dress is made in a yellow viscose/linen blend a colour I absolutely adore. As the fabric is more on the heavy side rather then the medium. I made a small bar tack at the sides of the pockets so it would not stress the fabric to much.

Around the neckline I used the facing instead of the bias binding and I used the same fabric as I have used for the pockets in the Pietra trousers. A fabric that make me smile when I see it and it makes the garment look nice on the inside too.

The top and dress from the Rome collection

During the summer I bought some fabric from Stoff och Stil, viscose/cotton blend, it turned out to be more on the heavy side rather then light to medium weight which is the recommended fabric weight for the top and dress pattern from Closet Case Patterns that was launched in the beginning of the summer. Even thought the fabric is on the heavy side it has turned out to be a great top and dress which I love a lot.

I made a size 10 with the B cup to make it fit I did an FBA even though it’s included patterns for a C cup. The fit turned out to be really good, I also made a forward shoulder adjustment but this time I skipped the round neck adjustment.

For the dress I made a neck lining with my scrap fabric, the same fabric I have used in my Pietra pants and for the top I did the bias binding.

As the fabric is a little heavy I added 5mm tack bars on both sides of the pockets

Both the top and dress was very easy to sew together and the instructions was very clear to me.

I will definitely make them both again. I have fabric for another Cielo top, I plan to make the longer sleeves and a pair of Sasha trousers.

My Cielo top and Pietra pants in a blend of linen/viscose and linen/cotton.

New tapered trousers

When Closet Case Patterns launched there summer collection ”Rome” I knew immediately that this is something I’m going to make. I really fell in love with the whole collection and apart from the Pietra trousers I have made the Cielo top and dress but I will come back to that later, in another post.

What I knew about the the trousers where that I would have to hack the back of them as I’m not fond of elastic waistband in the back, to me it makes to much bulk.

I’m not very fast to sew and during the summer we had an other project we had to carry out before I could start sewing. I made three muslins. I started to trace the pattern of with a pretty straight size 10. I raised the back 7 cm, added a facing in the same hight as the front facing. I removed 6-8 cm from the back side seams and added a back dart. When I made the trousers muslin I noticed a lot of fabric under my bottom. It took me a while to figure out what kind of adjustment I needed and I ended up with a small seat adjustment, an adjustment of 5 cm where made and I think I could have taken another cm.

I made the pockets in a cotton fabric, the trousers are made in a linen/cotton blend bought a few years ago from Sew Over It. I made both top and bottom pocket facing and added bias tape to the lining. As I removed the waistband I hade to add a zipper, which I put in the side seam as I don’t like to have a zipper in my back.

This is what it looks like.

Finally finished my Ogden cami

This is not a difficult cami to make, I have only been busy with other things and today I finally got the time to finish it.

As many others have said this is a really nice cami to both make and have, I will definitely make more when I have any lefter over of fabrics I have bought.

The only tricky thing about it is to get the straps right, I hade to redo it a couple of times.

The only alterations I did was an FBA and lengthening the lining otherwise it would have ended up in the middle of my bobs.

The fabric I have used is a silk fabric and left over from a blouse I made a few years ago. I bought the fabric from Truro fabrics, the pattern is from True bias and I made the size 12.

The trousers I’m wearing is the Jenny Overall from Closet Case Patterns I have written about them earlier and you can read about them here.